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China rocket debris is in the Indian Ocean criticized by NASA


China rocket crash debris is in the Indian Ocean

The debris in the Indian Ocean was on Sunday, and the majority of its parts were lost as the atmosphere re-entered and the day after. speculation about where the wreckage would fall, but the US was criticized for its lack of transparency.

In the west of the Maldives Archipelago, the China government coordinated the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

Some people have been staring at the sky since the April 2 explosion on Henan Island in China, but the China Manned Space Engineering Office said most of the debris was burnt to ashes in the atmosphere.

Public media announced a re-entry of the rocket at 10:24 a.m. Beijing time, to a length of 72.47° Eastern and 2.65° North.

The U.S. Space command announced the return of the China rocket to the Arabian Peninsula, but it stated that it was unclear whether land or water impacted the debris.

In this context, the US Space Command has stated that both the difficult location of the instability in the region and the debris will not be revealed yet.

The Long March was the second deployment of the 5B variant after its first flight in May 2020. Several buildings were damaged when the first Long March 5B fell on Ivory Coast last year. No injuries were reported.

“Spacefaring nations must reduce the danger of re-entry of space objects to earth’s citizens and property, and make this function transparent,” said the former NASA administrator Bill Nelson, a senator Who in March was chosen to play.

China certainly does not meet with the criteria for room breakdown.
Aggressive on the potential debris zone
With most of the Earth’s surface covered by water, experts say the area with a population on land was less likely to be affected and less likely to be injured.

But uncertainty over the rocket’s orbital decay and its failure to reassure China Rocket in a race for re-entry raised concerns.

‘To ensure safety, prosperity, security and the long life of the outdoor space in a responsible and open manner, China Rocket and all space donor nations and trade organizations activities,” Nelson said.

An astrophysicist from Harvard, Jonathan McDowell said Reuters could be south as New York, Madrid, or Beijing, and southern Chile, and Wellington, NZ.

Since Skylab crashed into the orbit of NASA’s space station on July 1979 and landed in Australia, most countries tried to avoid such arbitrary entries by designing their spacecraft, McDowell said.

China rocket makers are not paying attention, it’s so fainthearted. He said McDowell. He said McDowell.

The China tabloid Global Times expressed concern that the “Western Hype” rocket was “out of control” and could cause damage.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, told a regular news conference in May:

“The upper stage of this racket, as far as I am aware, has been decommissioned, meaning that much of its components burn to the ashes after re-entry. reduce the chances of damage to aviation or ground facilities and activities,” Wang said at the time.

The China rocket, housed in the orbit of the unmanned Tianhe module, which will be the living quarters for three crew members at the permanent China space station, will be followed by 10 more missions to complete the station by 2020.

China Rocket Beijing

A few days ago, the Pentagon of the US Department of Defense warned that China’s Long March 5B rocket would hit the earth, finally hitting the Indian Ocean. According to China media, it has fallen into the water somewhere around southeastern Sri Lanka and the Maldives. According to US Space Force figures, it was traveling at 18,000 miles per hour toward Earth, so it was not clear where it would land. At present, no damage has been done since its fall.

It was expected to have four different classrooms, three of which are above water and one on land. Named the 2021-035 B, the China rocket was 100 feet long and 16 feet wide. Upon entering the atmosphere, a large part of it was burnt to ashes and the rest fell into the water. Earlier estimates said it was expected to fall in Southeast America, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Southern Europe, North or Central Africa, the Middle East, South India or Australia.

Most of the water on Earth, however, is less likely to harm humans if it falls to the ground. Beijing, Madrid, or New York had been afraid to fall earlier, but the place of landing was hard to prove due to high speed.

After going out of control, the China rocket started moving towards the earth and there is a possibility of damage if it hits the earth. Experts claim, however, that much of this China rocket burns to the ground as it reaches the Earth. China sent the first component of its Space Station to be built into space with the aid of this racket. The name of this module is Tianhe.

NASA condemns China China Rocket over ‘irresponsible standards’ after China rocket disintegration over Indian Ocean


It is clear that China has failed to meet the responsible standards about its space debris, says NASA Administrator Bill Nelson
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US space agency NASA on Sunday called on China to fail to meet “responsible standards” about its space debris after hours of control of a remnant of a China rocket disintegrating on the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. Tortured

China’s manned space engineering office said debris from China’s Long March 5B rocket re-entered Earth’s atmosphere at 10.24 am Beijing time and fell into an open ocean zone at 72.47 Longitude East degrees and latitude North 2.65 degrees Gone.

As NASA Administrator Bill Nelson reacted to China’s space program, “It is obvious that China fails to meet the space debris requirements.” ” Countries spacefaring should mitigate risks to people and property for re-entry of space objects on Earth and maximize transparency,” he said in a statement.

Es vital for China and for all astronaut countries and trading organizations to ensure security, prosperity, defense, and continuity of external space operations in space, Mr. Sarkozy. Smith said. Nelson, a former Florida senator, and astronaut he said. Was selected for the role in March.

It is a tremendous pleasure to lead @NASA, a great accomplishment, he said in a tweet on 4 May. I look forward to a strong future.”

The new NASA administrator is big on environment and workforce diversification. But it hides if the USA will retain astronauts on the moon until 2024. The new administrator is bigger.

On 29 April, in China’s first module, the rocket launched the new space station Tianhe. The China rocket stage is one of the largest structures to reenter the earth’s atmosphere and weighs approximately 100 feet and 22 metric tonnes. Uncontrolled Trajectory.

His re-entry led to international uncertainty over where he might settle. Scientists said the threat to humans was astronomically low, but landing in an inhabited area was not impossible.

The first, long 5-B March flight re-entry of debris crashed into Ivory Coast last year and damaged several homes in the villages. It was the largest craft to have crashed on Earth since the US Space Laboratory after Skylab dumped debris on the southern Australian city of Astrolance in 1979.

As the space station mission is to be completed next year, China plans to include more in its space station program in the coming weeks.



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